A reputable communications company’s focus will be centered on making an impact through words. Whether their clients need a simple message, a 1,000-word executive summary for their annual report, or an announcement about an award recently received, their writing teams can and will fashion the kind of copy every company needs to get their brand noticed.

Marketing and advertising professionals must remain adaptable because the communications arena is a dynamic, constantly changing industry. When these pros keep their fingers on the pulse of industry trends, such as what’s out-of-date, what’s up-and-coming, and what’s hot right now, they will be positioned to utilize the best possible communication tools for success.

Communication specialists create a wide array of custom communications with some examples that may include:

  • Internal employee and business communications, such as company newsletters or training programs
  • Press releases announcing a business development, a new product or service
  • Posts for social media and copy for social media profiles
  • Communications to help deal with the media and community in times of crisis
  • White papers
  • Blogs for content marketing and emails
  • Speeches for community or company events
  • Marketing copy for flyers, brochures, and sales sheets
  • Website copy

And with their finger on the pulse of the hottest industry trends, they will be better situated to assist in making informed, strategic decisions for their clients, as well as create effective strategies for executing their own internal goals.

Let’s take, for example, how AI-powered tools can generate copy quickly and at a lower cost. While it is a very useful tool to writers, it lacks the ability to create compelling stories that connect with readers emotionally, which truly echoes the human experience. So, just like when we thought robots would take all our jobs, they did not; the same situation is happening here. Fear not fellow wordsmiths. Our jobs will not be taken over by robots either.

Will AI replace copywriters and content writers?

To continue the example of AI as a communication trend to follow, how about going further into the fear many writers have today: AI taking their jobs. As of this writing, we haven’t seen anyone lose their job yet, let alone replace them. In fact, it’s helping them. It’s no surprise that many people are worried about their job security as a result of AI’s impact. However, when it comes to writing, AI copywriting tools can assist rather than replace human copywriters.

In preparation for any kind of writing for clients, professional (human) writers typically do the following which AI cannot:

  • Writing teams take the time to research
  • Interview (if needed)
  • Study the subject
  • Develop ideas even before the project begins.
  • Edit with other human writers and editors

And with a pro writer, you can be assured that your words will be showcased in perfect form. There’s nothing like a mistake, poor grammar, or a faulty sentence to turn off prospective clients, employees, or customers. Furthermore, AI technology may not recognize the validity of the text, the context, or even the history of what you are writing about.

To date, AI technology is still two years behind in data and if the writing is for SEO initiatives, then you can forget about ranking on the first page because the content will not be the most relevant nor current.

Oftentimes, engaged business leaders do not have the time, knowledge, or the professional training to write or steer AI to write the kind of copy needed to showcase a product or service in the most effective, marketable way.

What are the benefits of AI for writers?

AI writing tools also help writers overcome writer’s block by providing ideas or inspiration. Additionally, AI writing tools can help writers improve the quality and accuracy of their work by detecting and correcting errors, suggesting alternatives, or offering feedback. However, as with “spell check,” AI may not detect the tone of voice, nuance, etc., or no detection for improper use of homonyms, such as “their” and “there,” or the subtle nuances that make a piece of writing genuinely engaging.

Copywriters are skilled at crafting messages that resonate with readers emotionally, and that kind of human touch is difficult to duplicate with AI technology. Ultimately, while AI tools can be a valuable resource for writers, they cannot replace the unique creativity and perspective that humans bring to the table.


  • Data
  • Speed
  • Cost


  • Lacks an Understanding of Human Complexities and Emotions
  • No creativity or imagination
  • Accuracy

How do you track business trends?

When businesses keep abreast of emerging technologies and market trends, they gain an edge on their competition by identifying gaps in the market and developing new products or services that meet their customers’ direct needs. As businesses become more entrenched in industry trends, it helps to expand the business, attract new customers, and increase revenue. Below are a few tips on keeping up with trends:

  • Give industry newsletters a try
  • Read interviews with industry leaders
  • Use analytical tools
  • Watch your competitors.
  • Monitor trends on social media regularly
  • Engage with your customers
  • Keep in touch with industry experts
  • Keep an eye out for the competition
  • Take part in industry events
  • Engage with online research using useful tools

Okay, how about taking the newsletter example for a spin to see what that will look like? Subscribing to industry newsletters and publications will provide valuable insights into the latest developments, market trends, and industry best practices. Reading interviews with industry leaders who share their perspectives on current and future trends is especially useful.

Additionally, analytical tools are utilized to track market data, consumer behavior, and competitor performance. And monitoring trends on social media platforms allows businesses to stay updated on the latest buzz and consumer sentiment.

Lastly, engaging in online research using tools like Google Trends, Google News, or industry-specific research platforms will assist businesses in uncovering emerging trends and staying ahead of the competition.

Keeping up with the latest industry trends

In the fast-paced world of communications, staying ahead of industry trends is essential for success. While AI-powered tools can generate copy quickly and at a lower cost, they cannot replace the creativity and emotional connection that human writers bring to the table. So again, fear not – a writer’s talents are irreplaceable in the ever-evolving world of communication.